Series B: Meteorology, Aural Observations, Wireless Observations, Magnetics, Tides

Volume I

Terrestrial Magnetism [Parts 1 & 2 one volume]

Part 1. Field Survey And Reduction Of Magnetograph Curves [PDF] by Eric N Webb, Chief Magnetician to the Expedition

Part 2. Analysis And Discussions Of Magnetograph Curves [PDF] by Dr Charles Chree, Superintendent to the Kew Observatory

Volume II

Terrestrial Magnetism And Related Observations

Part 1. Records Of The Aurora Polaris [PDF] by Sir Douglas Mawson, Adelaide

Part 2. Terrestrial Magnetic Disturbance And Its Relation To Aurora [PDF]

Part 3. Magnetic Disturbance At Cape Denison [PDF] by Dr JM Stagg, Meteorological Office, London

Part 4. The Transmission Of Wireless Signals In Relation To Magnetic And Auroral Disturbances [PDF] by Dr CS Wright, Admiralty Research Department

Volume III

Meteorology: Tabulated And Reduced Records Of The Macquarie Island Station [PDF] compiled under the direction of HA Hunt, Commonwealth Meteorologist, by Messrs Ainsworth, Power and Tulloek, Commonwealth Meteorological Bureau

Volume IV

Meteorology: Tabulated And Reduced Records Of The Cape Denison Station, Adelie Land [PDF] by Dr CT Madigan, Adelaide University

Volume V

Meteorology [Parts 1–3 & Appendix one volume]

Part 1. Records Of The Queen Mary Land Station [PDF]

Part 2. Meteorological Log Of The SY ‘Aurora’ [PDF]

Part 3. Sledge Journey: Weather Records [PDF]

Appendix: Macquarie Island Weather Notes For 1909-1911 [PDF] by Sir Douglas Mawson, Adelaide University

Volume VI

Meteorology: Discussions Of Observations At Adelie Land, Queen Mary Land And Macquarie Island [PDF] by Edward Kidson

Volume VII

Meteorology: Daily Weather Charts, Extending From Australia And New Zealand To The Antarctic Continent [PDF] by Edward Kidson