The wireless relay

It was urgent to get the wireless station into working order as soon as possible. The masts and operating-hut had been erected during the stay of the ‘Aurora’, but there yet remained the building of the engine-hut and the installation of the machinery and instruments, as well as the construction and erection of the aerial. Accordingly we proceeded with the living-hut and the job on Wireless Hill at the same time, working on the hill most of the day and at the hut in the evening.

Wireless Hill rose to three hundred and fifty feet in height, and formed part of a peninsula running in a northeasterly direction from the main island. It had been chosen by Mr. Hannam of the Adelie Land party because of its open northerly aspect, and because ‘wireless’ waves would probably have a good ‘set-off’, southward to the Main Base in Antarctica.

— George Ainsworth in The Home of the Blizzard