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Ours proved to be a very happy selection. The majority of the men chosen as members of the land parties were young graduates of the Commonwealth and New Zealand Universities, and almost all were representative of Australasian.

— Douglas Mawson, The Home of the Blizzard

Frank Hurley speaks of his selection

Excerpt from Antarctica Pioneers (1962). Cinematography by Frank Hurley. © Australian Antarctic Division

Frank Hurley speaks of his selection

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Frank Hurley: This happened half a century ago, and well do I remember the day back in 1911 when I applied to fill the vacancy of official photographer to the Mawson expedition. The Mawson expedition was the first Australian expedition to Antarctica and I think that everybody who carried a camera applied for that job. I had spent my teenage life in the steel works at Lithgow. I was a good mechanic and I had turned my hobby, photography, into my profession. I think the combination impressed Dr Mawson, for two days later he sent me a wire from Adelaide, "You are accepted." Now let us turn back the clock - the summer of 1911.

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