Charles Archibald Hoadley

AAE position: Geologist

Hoadley, born in 1887, was a graduate in mining engineering and science from the University of Melbourne University with some experience in geological science when he joined the ranks of the AAE in 1911. Assigned to Frank Wild’s Western Party, he took part in several sledging journeys. He served as geologist in the party which completed a 480 km exploratory journey westward into Kaiser Wilhelm II Land. Cape Hoadley was later named after him.

On his return to Australia, Hoadley was offered a government scholarship to analyse Cape Denison geological samples, but opted instead for a position as senior lecturer at the Ballarat School of Mines and Industry. In 1916 he joined the Footscray Technical School teaching geology, metallurgy, science and surveying.

In the 1920s Hoadley was instrumental in the introduction of innovative technical education ideas into Australia. He was a bachelor until late in life — on 21 May 1932 married Rita McComb, a nurse.

Hoadley was actively involved in the Boy Scout movement, taking charge of Victoria’s scouts from 1928 to 1937. He remained influential in the movement — and an active and much-respected community leader — until his death in 1947.