1996/1997 Investigation

In 1996 the Foundation commissioned Godden Mackay to undertake an inspection of Mawson’s Huts and to produce a report on the necessary works required for stabilisation. In January 1997 a site inspection was made by Geoff Ashley. The inspection report identified several important issues for the Main Hut, including that:

  • the envelope was intact with no significant roof deflections;
  • the visible Oregon roof structure was in good condition, with some metal corrosion;
  • the thickness of the roof cladding of the workshop was of concern, with clear potential for imminent failure;
  • a meltwater pool above a sealskin ‘dam’ was higher than internal floor levels; and
  • a wireless wire near the Main Hut had trapped an Adélie penguin.

In addition to the works set out in the 1993 Conservation Plan Draft Work Plan, the following issues were identified as necessary by the conservation team:

  • the refixing of the existing roof cladding to the workshop over a new roof cladding;
  • the recording, excavation and relocation of a pile of seal skins that were located against the east wall of the Main Hut (causing meltwater ingress problems); and
  • the investigation and selection of an appropriate transparent coating for application to the cladding of Mawson’s Huts to improve the longevity of the external cladding.