Celebrating Mawson's homecoming

Home! McLean's Diary, 25 and 26 February 1914
Home! McLean's Diary, 25 and 26 February 1914 Mitchell Collection State Library of New South Wales

Wednesday February 25th

This morning we are within 50 miles of Cape Borda. At 6am a ship was seen on the horizon but [too soon] afterwards disappeared. Sandell tried to put in wireless communication. On Tuesday night the Katoomba heard him faintly when he called CQ ([the Stations]). Static was bad at the time or we might have got in touch.

We hope to arrive in Adelaide tomorrow. The [tunnel] is being painted and a few last jobs being finished off.

On Monday last Doug [Mawson asked] me to accompany him to England [at] the end of March to assist in the publication of 'the Book'. It has made a bit of a [revolution] in his mind but I have personally accepted his proposal.

February 26. Home!!!

– McLean diary entries, 1914

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